Computer Repairs & Sales - Infected by viruses? Being spyed on by spyware? Ad-ware and other creatures slowing you down? We can help. Hampered by horrible hardware? Stuck in a software cyclone? Deleted all of your pictures. Well no problem, we can get them back for you. Let us help you out. Our staff of knowledgeable technicians will get you out of whatever the predicament. Whether it’s fixable or time to replace the computer, we will help you. We have a full-service shop and also make housecalls. Whether you are a home-user or a business, we can assist you.


Network Repairs & Maintenance- If your network is down, or just slowing down, we can get you back up and running fast. We are proud of our 24 hour turn-around. If you’re constantly having problems or need someone to build your network from the ground up, give us a call. We do service calls, and have maintenance contracts.



House Calls- We do make house calls, however most times it is better for you to bring your system to us. The in-house rates for repairs are much lower then a house call and we have more testing capability.